There is increasing evidence that the display of visual art can have positive effects on health outcomes, including shorter length of stay in hospital, increased pain tolerance and reduce anxiety. Using a wall print will also reduce the risk of healthcare acquired infections compared to framed pictures or posters that require regular cleaning. Can be used in areas such as children’s wards, palliative care and dementia environments.


By using WallPrint NI, you can create an inspiring environment in which to work and learn. Celebrate your schools unique vision and values, complement your diverse curriculum or transform a dull or unloved area of your school, all without the repetitive cleaning of picture frames. Can also be used to brighten up any office space, motivating staff and decreasing levels of stress in the busy work environment.


Bring your gym to life by displaying motivational quotes or wall images that capture the fitness focus of your facility, or add character and mood to your salon by adding a wall print that reflects the style of your salon.


By using a wall print in your restaurant, you can keep your customers engaged by creating a relaxing, welcoming environment and give a feeling to the customer that the restaurant has an artistic touch added to it. You can transform your wall décor into an effective marketing campaign, display price boards or advertise your products.


Transform any room in your house into a unique, beautiful and engaging environment which is personal to you. Wall prints will give it character and warmth and the many design possibilities can be left to your imagination or else use personal photos or portraits without needing to use picture frames.

Any Many More…..

Airports, museums, interior designers, architect, supermarkets, cinemas, council refurbishments in town centres etc.